Artists Statement:

Art is rooted in the foundations of transformation. Indeed it’s been used as a great political and social weapon and tool for centuries. Its ability to touch upon the more subtle energies of every moment bring mind shattering awakenings. My goal is to bring my work forth in some space between worlds and hopefully achieve commenting on several simultaneously. Hopefully the subconscious nudge, that provokes the most quiet of voices, that prompts powerful abilities in people, to make the tiniest of decisions and adjustments, which in turn result in the most amazing changes of course and action. The balance of the stillness in between subtlety and total emotional perturbation is where new habits and ideas form. I hope to create the womb of their emergence.


Amy Artwick grew up in almost total isolation. The buffering of a solitary existence can create strange schisms and deep wells of inner reflection. Amy sees this as both good and bad. Her formative years were absolutely overladen with intellectual pursuit and nature. Amys’ mother was a teacher (daughter of a teacher) and an avid camper and adventurer. Amys childhood was full of trips to the theatre, to museums, musicals and educational events as well as long camping trips deep in the wilds of Colorado where she grew up. Being homeschooled afforded her mother the opportunity to create a rather laissez faire style of governance to her extremely rigorous academic curriculum. Her tenacity led Amy on all sorts of road trips exploring nature, historical moments and geological wonders. This impacted Amy in such a profound way that she will never be able to fully describe both its intense wonder and it’s absolute horror. The result has been both responsible for her talent and her detriment. She says “I can’t thank her enough”. The reality of being pulled back from the crowd and almost excluded from life while silmutaneousky being emerged even more deeply into the intensity of life has created a lifelong dichotomy of up close and far away perspectives in her experience. She is happy that she chose an educational track during high school that propelled her into this lifelong journey of trying to connect with the world around her while still being very much removed from it perspective wise. She views art as the vehicle by which to mend the dichotomies of her early years while also sharing the gifts that those experiences afforded her awareness. Amy has been creating art in the Dallas area for the past ten yeasts and has recently made herself and her work available to the public.